Over the years Cambrian Line has been many things. I started it as a concept label based on my favourite train journey (Aberystwyth to Shrewsbury).

Lately, it’s become something more like an online zine thing, a map of my brain and a document of my obsession, joining the dots between underground music culture, samples, comics and zines. I’m not a journo, I barely have any GCSE’s.

You won’t find any cutting articles here, giving your favourite album a ‘2 out of 10’ grade, that’s a cunts game as far as I’m concerned, it’s all subjective. This is strictly about music and art I play/enjoy/make/release/sell and the rest.

Cambrian Line Recordings is still sporadically releasing music. For the Cambrian Line Radio show please visit Noods Radio.

Keep your eyes peeled for the online store coming soon

If you want to send me music for radio/review, zines, comics then contact me below.



for Bookings / Reviews / Contact / Cuddles

E: james.cambrian-at-gmail.com

If it’s my illustration portfolio you are after go to http://aguycalledjames.com/