Cambrian Towers Playlist 05th Nov 2019

This week’s playlist is up (Link In the bio) and it’s packed to the gills with horizontal library manoeuvres, drifty acid, dream pop swirly shit and rampant drum chops!

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John Cameron – Liquid Sunshine
Alan Hawkshaw, Brian Bennett – Mermaid
Dorothy Ashby – Come Live With Me
David Axelrod – Holy Thursday
Cortex – Troupeau bleu
Pale Saints – Kinky Love
Sangam – Melancholy
Ganz Feld – My Shadow
Miss Red – Dagga
Dj Oil – Addis
Altered Natives – A.T. Field
Leif – Igam-Ogam
Versalife – Aegis
Patrick Conway – Know The Future
Radioactive Man – Uranium
Si Begg – When We Were Young
Si Begg – Pete Fucking Tong
Plaid, Skee Mask – Maru – Skee Mask Remix
THUGWIDOW – A Cluster of Angry Repeating Thoughts
Tim Reaper – Fridge Magnets

It’s all well and good using Spotify but for fuck’s sake, Support the artists buy some records or downloads eh?