Cambrian Line Playlist 7th July 2020

Back with another snapshot of the sweet sounds found at Cambrian Towers, NK. Music from all corners of the funkosphere […]

Cambrian Line Playlist 23rd June 2020

Sorry, I’ve been off the playlisting and that for a few weeks. Let’s face it there’s been more important shit […]

Cambrian Line Playlist 8th June 2020

Afternoon! I’ve updated the playlist again. This week we’ve got 20 belters olde and neu from The O’Jays, Lonnie Liston […]

Cambrian Line Playlist 26th May 2020

I’ve updated the playlist for the week. It’s rammers with Tasty tidbits new and olde, from the likes of Sons […]

Cambrian Line Playlist 19th May 2020

Afternoon me ‘ansomez, I’ve only gone and updated that bleddy spotifucking playlist thing aint I?Here’s what I’m bumping this week […]

Cambrian Line Playlist 15th May 2020

Easy my lovers. I’ve not updated the playlist last week cos it were a bit doomy tbh. Anyways, It’s updated […]