G36 – No Escape / Black Mass / Hotline Records

Hot on the heels of last years ‘Floor Weapons Vol.1‘ and production duties for Nazamba, Nagasaki Anarcho-dub punks G36 are […]

Cell Out – Oblong Room / Beatnik Boulevard

Beatnik Boulevard is quickly becoming a ‘blind buy’ label for me. Just four releases in and already boasting a solid […]

Vort – Silverlight E.P. / E-Beamz

From a stable which has already boasted stellar releases from the likes of Textasy, Bakground and Jensen Interceptor, it’s no […]

Cain – The Collection 2014-19 – Highlife

I’m absolutely in love with this extended compilation of CAIN’s output. Forthcoming on Huntleys + Palmers and Auntie Flo’s ‘Highlife’ […]

Liem & Eddie Ness – Where Is The Shredmaster?

Liem & Eddie Ness return with this wonky, warm and electro-infused release on Hamburg’s Lehult imprint The opener ‘STgsFF’ is […]

Basic Rhythm – New Style EP

After 2018’s impeccable East Man album ‘Red, White & Zero’, Anthoney J Hart returns under his Basic Rhythm moniker for […]