Tune of the day No.692 Ceephax Acid Crew – Fossil Funk

Here’s a lovely likkle pumper from the mighty Ceephax to set you’re Wednesday right. Waltzer moments, piano breaks, the think break and wibbly bits

Tune of the day No.691 KG & Scratchclart B2L

This one from KG & Scratcha DVA has got me sweating today, Wicked little Soul II Soul booty action, you’ll need a towel

Cambrian Line Playlist 23rd June 2020

Sorry, I’ve been off the playlisting and that for a few weeks. Let’s face it there’s been more important shit […]

Tune of the day No.690 Carlene Davis ‎- Ism Schism

Here’s a bewdiful sophisticated Reggae bubbler from Carlene Davis, produced by the mighty Sly & Robbie, to ease you into […]

O.G. Jigg & Friends – Originals / Remixes

Memotone returns with this gorgeous tape release of maypole melters and medieval jams.

Tune of the day No.689 Freddie North – Love to Hate

One of my all time favourite records ever this. From Freddie North’s ’75 ‘Cuss the Wind Album’. An absolute beauty. […]