Tune of the day: Medlar & MSSS – Baby Gone Batshit

Baby Gone Batshit by Medlar & MSSS What a fandabeedozee slab of wonkhaus this is. From Medlar and me old mucker […]

Tune of the day: Brainkillers – Screwface

Soz everyone, I know you lot hang on my every post, waiting with baited breath for the next tune of […]

Tune of the day: Luke Vibert – Chicago. Detroit. Redruth

Im flying back to brrlin today after 6 weeks at the family homestead. Its been lush but I’m ready to see […]

Tune of the day: Unique 3 – The Theme

Time for a fookin’ classic. Bradford and a track that always bangs.

vtothedWe see bonny babes trippin on acid

Tune of the day: VtotheD – We see bonny babes trippin on acid

It’s lush when your mates label is responsible for releasing one of your favourite dance records of all time. This, […]

Tune of the day: Kahn – Abbatoir

Been working me tits off since 6 am on new comics and other fun shit. I must have ploughed my […]