DAS BOOTY Ghetto Top 5 by Rory Moronik

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Ahead of their NYE Rave, taking over ExFed, a huge North London warehouse space, Das Booty svengali Rory Moronik runs down his top 5 Ghetto bangers for us.

Thomas Bangalter – What to Do

Oh my daze what a track. Boycey plays this rather than me, but it’s a masterclass in jacking quirkiness and sums up the ghetto wonkiness of Das Booty for me. It always brings a smile to my face. Hugely influential.

Thomas Bangalter ‎– Trax On Da Rocks ’95

Groove Asylum – Riffin’:

In the same vein but cranked up to 11 is this absolute juggernaut in ‘live’ hip hop techno by Groove Asylum aka Jerome Hill and Rob Stow (the best techno DJ). This was mind-blowing back in the day (2000) and in today’s scene dominated by ‘straight’ techno its even more mind-blowing. Hardly anyone plays this, including me, but I definitely should because its fat as fuck.

I’m cheating with this one anyway because this track has never actually been played at Das Booty, but its influence is all over it.

Wachita China –  Addicted whore who looks like Fergie 2: 

This is a good example of the new ghetto electro coming through. This guy is on fire at the moment, almost everything he does is HOT! The version I play is actually an edit of this, but the original track also totally bangs.

DJ Wachita China / K-hole with Fergie

Terrorrhythmus – Depression: 

A track that tackles the heavy theme of depression by simply being a fat heavy juke track. This one keeps it fairly simple but is arranged really well. A solid crowd mover.

DJ Nessbeth – Hotbuttered. 

I always get asked what this is and I always pretend I can’t remember, but I got told off recently for ‘gatekeeping’ so here it is. This one is a staple of my sets and I usually play it early to get the crowd on my side. 

Spanking Sessions: The Whip / DJ Nessbeth – Hotbuttered

Honourable mention: Anything by DJ Godfather or relating to DJ Godfather. He’s the godfather for a reason! When it comes to ghettotech his output and production levels are king. Big ups DJ Godfather!

Another Honourable Mention: Anything by Michael Forshaw. His tripped out wild ghetto trax are a huge influence on the Das Booty sound. His music shouldn’t work and yet absolutely kills it in the rave. Ugly, queasy, wild and rugged, but all underlined by a cheeky sense of humour and a pop mentality. SHAKE WHAT YA MAMA GAVE YA!

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