Warra splendid year it’s been for tewns. At least I think so. I’ve played a shedload of cracking new bits over this year on the Noods shows but here’s a little rundown of some of my favourite records of this year in no particular order…

Coco Bryce / Beats Like This EP

Coco Bryce / Beats Like This EP / Western Lore

This gorgeous slab of wax from the mighty Western Lore showcases Coco’s talent. Snaking through tape saturated Hardcore-tinged Jungle variations down to the beautiful pizzicato shuffle of ‘Like Normal Death’. A genuinely soulful record this.

Justice and Metro / Special Projects / MJAZZ

It’s been a solid year for Justice’s MJAZZ imprint and truth be told between this its been tough to pick a favourite but the Tim Reaper mix on this is an absolute weapon.

Andy Mac / Dawner

Andy Mac / Dawner / ZamZam Sounds

A lovely little 7″ of spaced out Binghi and Steppers mutations from Kernows Andy Mac. This hasn’t left me turntable much.

DJ Chupacabra / Full Time Killin’ EP / Carpets & Snares

A late entry which I have played to death of late. Released on Lisboa’s Carpets & Snares Records ‘Full Time Killin EP’ is packed to the gills with tight as fuck smoothed out garridge bangers for the sunshine crew.

Anadol – Uzun Havalar

Anadol / Uzun Havalar / Kinship & Pingipung

‘Uzun Havalar’ from Turkish sound artist Gözen Atila’s ‘Anadol’ project is one of the most beautiful albums I’ve heard in a long time. Infinitely complex, sprawling and atmospheric it takes in influences from Turkish Folk, spaced-out Casio heavy electronica and weirdo jazz. If you don’t love this m8 you’re mad in the head!

Dogpatrol / SNKRX04 / Sneaker Social

Mannheim’s Dogpatrol has been killing it for me of late, in particular, this record shows the breadth of the producer’s love of classic UK Soundsystem music from the ghost vibes of ‘Clownery’ to percussion work out of ‘The Return of the Gorgons’ this is a must-have.

Future Massive Vol 1

Various Artists / Future Massive: Volume 1 / Future Massive

An absolute belter of a debut release from the newly minted Future Massive (also check the last two releases). I love a good sampler me, I’m perpetually skint after all and, if its value for money you are after, look no further! Every tracks a winner! From the hypnotic techno of Eluize’s ‘Amethystine’ to the sweet sprawling space-pop waltz of Attrakta’s ‘Mothbox’ and my personal favourite, the dreamy anthemic ‘Volca Ballad’ from acid lover man Rolando Simmons, this is not to be slept on!

Altered Natives 9:Alpha

Nine albums in and Altered Natives shows no sign of stopping. 9:Alpha displays the producer’s innate ability to turn his hand to any sub-genre of the rave continuum and stamp it with that unforgiving Altered Natives sound. No ‘one-trick pony’ Altered Natives delights from the loopy soulful techno of ‘WEIßER JUNGE SCHWARZER MUZIKCLUB pt2’ to the mutated Bruk of ‘FIRST KISS’ and the gloaming hardcore of ‘A.T. FIELD’. Cinematic, deep, funky. An honest album, with soul, that filters influences from a life attached to Soundsystem/rave culture. An album that could only be made by Altered Natives

Gawd Status / Firmamentum

Gawd Status / Firmamentum / Tru Thoughts

Eclectic off-kilter UK Hip-Hop excursions from the mighty King Kashmere and Joker Starr. Everything I love about Hip Hop lies within; oddball library samples, intricate concepts, a heavy sci-fi leaning and legendary rhymes like ‘Vote Labour with a Vote Tory Swag, too many come in unison, another false flag’. A proper album with something to say. Special shout-out for that gorgeous cover by Pritt-stick botherer Matt Littler.

Basic Rhythm / On The Threshold / Planet Mu

I’m not gonna lie I’m biased here. Pretty much every time Anthoney Hart releases a record I run out to buy it, but even by his standards, this is a meisterwerk. I won’t bother with the usual platitudes about ‘space between the notes’ blah blah but this is pure stripped back Soundsystem music. You feel it in your belly. It’s raw, it’s pure.

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib / Bandana

Madlib and Freddie Gibbs / Bandana / Keep Cool

Following on from 2014’s Piñata, Bandana features yet more future-thinking US rap from one of the worlds greatest diggers and Gary Indiana’s rap acrobat Freddie Gibbs. Once more the sweet soulful sounds of Madlib collide with Freddie Gibbs’ hard storylines and polyrhythmic rhyme styles to create a brilliantly bittersweet listen.

Ulrich Troyer / Dolomite Dub / 4Bit

Wiens Dub master Ulrich Troyer offers up an immersive 40 Minute dub suite in four parts ‘Dolomite Dub is inspired by the mountain region it takes its name from. Combining field recordings and the considerable talents of Didi Kern on drums & percussion, Susanna Gartmayer on contra-alto clarinet and Juergen Berlakovich on bass. This is a must-have for dub lovers.