Jammo’s Unity Bubblers 2019

It’s Tag der Deutschen Einheit (Reunification Day) over here. I don’t believe in borders and I think flags are strictly for cunts and sporting events. Nevertheless, I happen to think the unification of people is a fine thing to celebrate.

So, while I’m sure them AFD/NPD type cunts are seizing the opportunity for a bit of flag-waving today, I feel duty-bound, as the local Cymruwestcountryfarmvillegermano-hybrid that I am, to put together a playlist of blinding Deutsch bubblers. Fun fact: I even named my biggest lad after one of these.

So here are 10 classic tracks, by German artists from Bielefeld to Frankfurt from Darmstadt to Berlin, packed to the gills with melody, funk, atmosphere and insane production value.

The knuckle draggers at the AFD and anyone else who defines themselves by a flag can fuck off m8! I’m gonna sit here with my mental Britgermanportuguese bairns and digest the beauty that we, as people (with the help of our machines) can make. Get on it.