O.G. Jigg & Friends – Originals / Remixes

Label · Memorecs

Released · 19/08/2020

Written by

Multi-Instrumentalist-wizard-type-person Memotone returns under the guise of O.G. Jigg with ‘O.G. Jigg & Friends – Originals / Remixes’. A gorgeous tape release of maypole melters and medieval jams.

As described in the press release, O.G. Jigg “lives alone” and “is most commonly seen wearing a dark maroon, quilted satin dressing gown over green corduroy trousers”.

The opening track ‘Merry Jig Part I’ is a beautiful piece of music, built around a repeating theme. Adding layers of pipes, reeds and strings which giddily circulate around a tambourine beat until close.

It’s not all merry though. The album is a seasonal trip. Equal parts vernal and autumnal equinox. Tracks like ‘May Queen’ burst with hope, invoking light and frivolity. Whereas ‘Stellae Conlinis’ and ‘Witch Trial’ take an altogether darker turn. The sound of haunted places and long winter nights.

The remixes contrast nicely. Dragging these intensely nostalgic ideas kicking and screaming into the present day (Coronawelt2020™). Twisting and deconstructing the ancient melodies into something altogether stranger.

Unperson’s version of ‘May Queen’ is fragmented and twitchy, while Iceman Junglist Kru’s take on ‘Harvest’ (My favourite of the remixes) is cold and sparse, lying somewhere between Skream’s ‘Tale of the haunted Flutes’ and Wileys ‘Ice Rink’. The maypoles are long gone. Only pylons round here now.

For Fans of: The west country, The Wicker Man and Weird walks