Radio Cambrian Line 14th Nov ’19

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It’s bleddy cold mate! The kindergarten’s closed n all. What else is there to do than whack the heating up and play a bunch weird of records to a toddler and about 3 lonely listeners?
Come on a mystical meditative journey from your mind down to your botty. Through blissed-out ambient chin-wobblers, Grimey dubwise tummy botherers, YewKay & YewES Gararge, Junglehardcorestompinbangers and much more. Tasty treats from the likes of Lukey Foxtrot, DJ Windmill, Marcus Hamblett, LOFT and more…

Tracklist 14112019

Funkadelic – Eulogy & Light
Marcus Hamblett – Vibraphone Piece
Luke Sanger – Vactrol Harvester
Vester Koza – And Like That, She’s Gone
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Tides IV
The Octagon Man – Nova Wave
Teplice – Handmaid Dream (Interlude)
Lukey Foxtrot – Ezra
Falty DL – Piano 4 9 18 Feux Master Erie 25%
Piezo – A Touch of
STL – Smooth Selector
Etch x Nico Lindsay – Predator Vs Prey Toxin
Klon Dump – The Risk Taker
Asquith – Take Anymore
Scott Garcia – Music Takes You
Interplanetary Criminal – Make Me Feel
Al Wootton – Untitled
Klon Dump – Specialist
Hooverian Blur – Hand In the Fire
Lewski – Occultation
Tout Casser – Catch 23
LOFT – That Hyde Trakk
DJ Windmill – Divine Inspiration (Sonar’s Ghost Mix)
Special Request – Fett
M27 Hardcore Junglist – Fetish