After years of interweb flirting the living legend, globe-trotting digger supreme and all-round good egg Sie Vulture has done us an end of the year list! Thanks so much to Sie for taking the time to do this.

So, Anoraks on, notebooks out! Kids it’s about to get serious…..

Black Devil “Disco Club” (RCA, France, 1978)

I guess this has to be at the top of the list as it truly was a case of ‘third time lucky’. I’ve found this album sleeve twice in the wild, both times minus the record. Damn! I first got into this release 15+ years ago when Luke Vibert reissued a few of the tracks on the Rephlex imprint. I was instantly hooked on this cosmic disco masterpiece; check out “Follow Me (Instrumental)” if you need any persuading. The album’s credits list pseudonyms for French library royalty Bernard Fevre and Jacko Giordano as the writers and this remains the only release under this name until after the Rephlex reissue when Fevre releases additional material using the Black Devil moniker. Really pleased to have finally added this album into the collection. 

Sounds of Liberation “New Horizons” (Dogtown, USA, 1972)

The Sounds of Liberation are a seven-piece spiritual jazz collective that played together in north Philadelphia during the early 1970’s. Forgotten for decades, their music is now enjoying a deserved resurgence as both music lovers and activists strive to rediscover lost sounds from that fertile period of black history. Only 300 copies of this album were privately pressed on SOL’s “Dogtown” label and so original copies are highly prized; saying that, this year has welcomed a reissue of “New Horizons” and so hopefully SOL’s music will now reach a wider audience. 

Lyman Woodward Organisation “Saturday Night Special” (Strata East, USA, 1975)

A simple story brings this album into my possession. I receive a phone call regarding a water leak and a bathtub falling through the badly-damaged floor into the kitchen below. “Could I help?”. A fire sale of some classics and rare albums was arranged and the funds for the repairs quickly found. One person’s misfortune will often bring albums into your life, so the sooner you get comfortable with that, the better… You all know this album, right..? 

El Ritual “self-titled” (Raff, Mexico, 1971)

I work overseas a lot and will always find time to get a dig for records. Mexico was no exception and I flew back home with a half a dozen decent local releases, including this heavy psychedelic rock debut by El Ritual. The opening track “Mujer Facil Prostituta” is superb, full of funky drums, church organs and loads of rock pomp. Yes! If you like the Power of Zeus album then this will be for you.

The Lightmen Plus One “Energy Control Center” (Lightnin’, USA, 1972)

Once you’ve seen this album cover, it’s not one you quickly forget. The music of Texan musician Bubbah Thomas, under several pseudonyms, is highly desirable (because it’s so fucking good!) and so finding original pressings of his best work is nigh on impossible. A hunt lasting a decade-plus ended this year when I was finally able to get my hands on this jazz-funk masterpiece. Again, highly recommended. 

Sie Vulture

Sie Vulture has been collecting records for as long he can remember. The founder of the legendary Vinyl Vulture website, he reissued music on the Licorice Soul imprint throughout the 00’s and still maintains the music forum. Most recently he can be found sharing music on Instagram as @verygoodplus and DJ’ing with the #waxnerds collective.