Various Artists – Unbroken Dreams of Light

Label · Blueberry Records

Released · 05/06/2020

Written by

Drew Lustman aka Falty DL’s Blueberry Records returns with ‘Unbroken Dreams of Light’. Boasting tracks from a cast of luminaries such as Todd Osborn feat Luke Vibert, Horsepower Productions, µ-Ziq, and, of course, Falty DL himself, it’s a genre-defying collection that’s definitely worth a punt.

‘Unbroken Dreams of Light’ opens with Glen Faba’s ‘Arable’. A weird, clockwork bell-bothering, off-grid number, which marries mechanical rhythmic elements with string plucks and mallets.

Todd Osborn’s ‘5 feat Luke Vibert’ is a nice acid laced electro wobbler. A naughty little 303 pattern twists and turns under a spooked out lead. Leaving you feeling like you just traded the pleasantries of the enchanted pixel forest for a trip to the dungeon level, surrounded by 8-bit ghosts (I may be playing too much Super Mario bros).

Now, it’s no secret that I’m a big-time Horsepower Productions fan, so it’s a buzz to see them return here with an old skool hardcore number titled ‘The Doktor’. Stabs, sirens, the funky drummer, it’s all there but woven together with those deeper cinematic bits you expect from the mighty Horsepower Productions.

None of that trashy nostalgia tripe here. This is proper breakbeat hardcore for the heads.

‘The Complex Mind of Bigfoot’ by Cousin Cockroach is essentially an oscillator fuelled drum workout. Packed to the gills with blips, bleeps and plenty of cowbell, it’s got more bounce than 50 Cent’s cheque book. 

Short and sweet (clocking in at 1:34), Falty DL’s ‘Focus Group 2’ is utterly gorgeous. A melancholic piano meditation drifting over a bed of environmental noise and what sounds like car horns in the distance. It’s emotional, so get the tissues out.

For fans of: Super Nintendo, Steve Reich and Reebok Classics.